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Updated: May 3, 2023

Wetherby we wanted to wow you and honestly you wowed us right back! Your support was amazing, your community spirit, your patience in the queue, your kind acceptance of the issues where ever they arose. Recognising it as our first event, run 100% by volunteers. YOU are amazing.

The event has helped us to raise much needed funds and we will use those monies wisely to help develop the community sport facility so it remains available for all in the years ahead.

A event like this can't happen without so many people pulling in the same direction.

Thank you to the sponsors who help pay for it, we hope you were impressed enough to join us again next year!

The volunteers who put it together in the run up, lugging casks, furniture - even giving the clubhouse a lick of paint and a jet wash! Those that pulled the pints, washed the glasses, ran the front desk and everything else in between - you didn't let us down guys, you knocked it out of the flippin park.

To the food vendors, the musicians, the kids entertainers - thanks for entertaining and feeding us.

Our partners that signed, printed, PR'ed and Social-ed the event - thank you!

To the small but perfectly (well almost perfectly!) formed organising committee - we did it!! Never in doubt!

The 2023 Organising Committee

Deb Kelly - Chair

John Simpson - Treasurer

Ben Rider - Master of Beer

Jonathan Hirst - WRUFC Chairman & Grange Park Committee member

Stephen Hoather - WRUFC Vice Chair (and it's his fault we decided to start on this journey in the first place!)


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