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Venue Information - Accessibility

Updated: Feb 24

Everyone is welcome at the Festival. We are a volunteer organisation, raising funds for local good causes. We have tried our best to make this statement as comprehensive as possible but if you have any specific questions or need further information just email us.


There are parking spaces which are reserved for blue badge holders. These are available on a first come first served basis. Your blue badge must be on display.

Passenger Drop off/collection

There is the option to drop off passengers at the festival front entrance and then park, for those who do not have a blue badge but would find it easier to not have to walk from the car park - which is either in a field or on hard standing or in the overflow car park which is a good 5 minute walk from the entrance.

Festival Shuttle service

This is a regular mini bus vehicle and it has not been adapted. Passengers will need to be able to get in and out of the vehicle without our support. The drivers are volunteers and they have not been trained to help those with disabilities.

Festival Layout

The entrance to the festival is via the entrance ticketing tent located on a grass area. This area is outdoors and quite bumpy but accessible for the vast majority of users, including those pushing baby buggies. Wheel chair users who find the surface too difficult to cross should let the security person at the front entrance know and you will be provided access via a different route.

The festival takes place in three main areas.

a. Clubhouse: is fully accessible and this is where the fully accessible toiler is located (close to the main doors. The clubhouse has two bars serving fizz and Gin.

b. Beer Tent

The beer tent is laid out at the rear of the clubhouse on the field - it contains numerous bars serving beer, cider, lager

The Music Tent is laid outside on the field and connects to the beer tent - this is where the live music stage is located.

The food court is outdoors on the field. Care should be taken by all visitors as this area is not level.

The floor of the tents will be covered in carpet or will be grassed, and although reasonably level could be a little challenging for those with mobility issues particularly if the weather is poor. There are no steps.

The route from the clubhouse to the tents, field is accessible via a sloped walkway.


There is one accessible toilet for guests with disabilities. It is located in the clubhouse entrance area. The porta-loos out on the field are not accessibility friendly.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome. There is water and open space for dogs.

Help at the Bar

The Bar service areas are quite high and may not be easily accessible to wheelchair users. The drinks menu is available online - it can be downloaded on to your phone so you will be able to review what you wish to order.

If you need assistance at the bar the volunteers who are serving behind the bar have been asked to support those that need extra help. It is recommended that you look for service at the bar ends so the server can come out from behind the bar and take your order.


The beer festival will be crowded, and seating is limited. Those who prefer to sit are welcome to bring their own folding outdoor chairs / picnic blankets.

First Aid

There are first aiders on site. Anyone needing assistance should approach the Festival Help Desk which will be clearly sign posted, or in an emergency call 999, and additionally send someone ask the music stage director to make an immediate PA announcement for the first aiders to attend the scene.

Keep Hydrated

Free drinking water is available at a stand alone 'Hydration station' help yourself. Bottled water is on sale at the clubhouse main bar and from the majority of food vendors.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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