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Teetotal? Come to the festival! But ditch the cola!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Don't enjoy alcohol? Cutting back? Teetotal?

But you still want to enjoy the bar chat, the music and good times with mates?

Well here's a novel idea... come to the Wetherby Beer Festival!!

Really? Yes! We're serious!

At the Wetherby Beer Festival we'll have on offer, what we think, will be the widest range of no and low alcoholic beverages at any local Beer Festival.

We searching high and low to bring you some fantastic options in the Beer Tent, the Champagne lounge and the Gin bar. To give you some new tastes to enjoy, so you can ditch the cola!

We're building a festival for EVERYONE so come along and try our no/low alcohol range - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Ok, ok, we will also have sodas, coffee, teas, smoothies and probably a mocktail or two should you wish to stick to your usual! So, what ever you drink, or don't, make the Festival part of your Bank Holiday plans.

See you at the Wetherby Beer Festival.


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