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If a beer company did Corporate Networking Events...

Updated: Mar 8

Let's face it, no one actually enjoys going to business networking events, do they? Can't stand them personally, could be the plonk they serve or the sterile environment? But - building your business network is essential - more so today than ever. Surely there has to be a better way?

We spoke to a well known beer brand and asked them... if you did Business Networking events, how would you do them? They told us:


  • Lots of free beer

  • Keep it local, make it easy to get to

  • Do it Friday afternoon - so everyone is in a good mood

  • Invite loads of people that already know each other outside of work so the conversation flows

  • Host it somewhere unique

  • Provide some entertainment after, so if you want to go 'out out' you can

  • And more free beer

So, that's what we decided to do... and you're invited.

Come to the Schofield Sweeney Business Networking Event,

exclusively for local business leaders

Where : At the Wetherby Beer Festival, Grange Park

When: Friday - April 28th - 3pm-5.30pm.

Why: Meet up with clients, suppliers on their home turf. They'll know loads of other local business leaders in the room, you'll get introductions and allow you to grow your network with out the awkward small talk.

Free Beer served - more than 35 different beers to sample

Free access to The Wetherby Beer Festival from 5pm onwards


Sign up as a Corporate Partner - Gold or Silver

You'll get lots of free tickets, invite all your local customers, build relationships and grow your network. Plus we'll throw in some advertising so all festival goers know your company supports the local community.

Thank you to our Business Networking Event Sponsor:

Please follow the festival - help us get the word out

on twitter: @wetherby_beer

on facebook:

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