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Beat the queues! Pre buy tokens online

To speed up service at the bar we only accept festival tokens to buy drinks at the bars. You'll need to purchase Festival tokens using cash or card on your entry or from the token desks inside the festival.

You can speed up your entry in to the festival if you pre buy your tokens online in advance, so once you are through the entry gates you can head straight to the bar to purchase your drinks.

  • Festival tokens are sold in denominations of £10

  • Festival tokens can not be refunded or replaced if lost or stolen

  • Festival tokens are not accepted at the food concessions, these are independent businesses and you will need to buy using cash or card.

As you buy your drinks the tokens are voided in accordance with the price of your drink. So if you have £10 worth of festival tokens, and you buy a drink for eg £2.50 you will have £7.50 left on your token to buy your next drink with.

Festival tokens can also be used to pay for sweets from the Festival Tuck shop, to buy raffle tickets, and although most of the children's activities are free, you may use festival tokens for the few for which there is a small charge.


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