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Proud to support Martin House Children's Hospice

Updated: Feb 20

Our Festival is all about raising funds to keep Grange Park on a sound financial trajectory, you can read about Grange Park here. But, we are also determined to make this a very LOCAL festival; one which supports the local community so while our main focus is grass roots sports we are delighted and proud that we will also be supporting local charity; Martin House Children's Hospice.

We're helping in two ways;

  1. Fundraisers from Martin House will be at the festival with their collection buckets. To help incentivise everyone to give a few coins to the collectors, we've made the Car Parking at the festival free of charge. Although optional, we hope that anyone parking at the festival will make a small donation in lieu of car parking fees.

  2. 10% of the profits from the festival will be donated to our partner charities / other local projects that benefit the community. Martin House are one of the chosen charities who will receive a cheque!

With your support, Martin House can continue to care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Thank you!


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