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Keeping it local

We've always wanted the Wetherby Beer Festival to be a very proud Yorkshire festival. So we've tried really hard to support local businesses, and to bring the best of Yorkshire to Wetherby.

With the festival only a few weeks away, we are pleased to say we will be....

Filling our beer tent with Yorkshire Ales.

Gins, are all artisan hand made in Yorkshire, all firms that are probably unheard of to most and not yet on the supermarket shelves.

Our live music performers are from the local area.

Our food vendors too are from Yorkshire, even the one selling German sausage.

Our printers, signage, merch, marketing support all from the local firms.

Feeling pretty chuffed about that!

As it's for a great LOCAL cause... keeping local grass root sports thriving!

Think Local. Think Yorkshire.

#Yorkshire #local

It's amazing the brilliant businesses you'll find on your doorstep!

Please support your local festival.

Book your tickets online today.

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