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Just the tonic for gin lovers out there

Updated: Apr 15

Beer Festivals, predictably, tend to be all about the beer but at Wetherby we have decided that at our festival has so much more to offer.

Our intrepid tasting team in charge of all things alcoholic, have gone above and beyond in their hunt not just for beers, but for other beverages that come in slightly smaller glasses.

Thanks to their drinking dedication and numerous (voluntary) tasting sessions, Wetherby Beer Festival now will offer a fully stocked gin bar that would put an over-priced city centre establishment to shame!

It has been a priority of the Festival to ensure we support as many local and independent businesses as possible and, with this in mind, we have scoured the far-flung corners of Yorkshire to bring you some of the very best artisan gin distillers in the county, to serve on The Progeny Gin Bar.

So, to ensure that any gin lovers will find something to tickle their taste buds, we have amassed an array of quality brands and amazing flavours for the weekend.

We start with Jacqson's, a mother and son team of distillers in Huddersfield, who will be supplying a mouth-watering Strawberries & Cream Gin which must be served with an Elderflower Tonic to make the most of its fruity flavours. There is also a Gooseberry & Sage and a Star Anise & Chilli and their original Yorkshire Dry Gin on offer.

We went very local, just down the road in Boston Spa to Chapel Lane Distillery for their Boston Spa Wildflower Gin. A Spirit that they believe Boston Spa and the surrounding towns and villages can be proud of, that embodies the spirit of this beautiful pocket of Yorkshire.

Heading a little further west we cottoned on to the Cotton Gin at Otterbeck, near Skipton, and couldn’t resist adding a selection to the menu from these two brilliant women. Look out for their Signature Gin, a Strawberry & Peppercorn offering as well as a Rhubarb & Elderflower combo.

Travelling eastwards we discovered Fox Gins at Beverly, Aimee and her business partner wowed our tasters with their Traditional Pink Gin. But that wasn’t enough and we also had to sign up for their totally unique Yorkshire Honeyberry Gin. The Honeyberry is both tart and sweet in equal measures making this unique gin exceedingly different to anything else. With their Award Winning Summer Citrus Gin and the floral Beverly Minister Rose Gin also couldn't be ignored! Sipping is believing!

A little closer to home we also opted for Mercian Gin based in Harrogate and went for their gorgeous London Dry Gin as well as Zesty Orange number.

And just down the road on the A64 at Colton our friends at Fairfax Gin impressed with their London Dry as well as a very fruity Rhubarb & Quince Pink Gin - which also has the wow factor of changing colour. Who doesn't love a bit of Gin magic.

Last but not least, Rainsthorpe Manor round off our Yorkshire gin offering for those that love flavoured Gins, we're offering their Angelic Apricot & Coconut Gin, Perfect Pear & Peppercorn tipple. Passionfruit Gin and Caramel Sea Salt Gin.

If you have lost count, that's 20 different gins on offer, ALL from Yorkshire, ALL from small, entrepreneurial businesses, and none of which will you find on a big supermarket shelf.

We'll be serving them with Fever Tree Tonics so you enjoy them all at their very best.

Almost in the words of Jaws’ Chief Brody - I think we’re going to need a bigger bar!

We look forward to seeing you, and serving you at The Progeny Gin Bar, at the Wetherby Beer Festival, on April 28-29th.


Tickets are on sale online


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