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Get ready volunteers!

If you have signed up as a volunteer, THANK YOU!

The response to the event has been fantastic, we are expecting to sell out on both days!

So your services as a volunteer to help serve the thirsty folk of Wetherby is very much appreciated, and we will put to to good use. Those that have volunteers at similar events tell us that they enjoyed it, made new friends and would do it again! So we are confident volunteering will add not detract from your weekend and your enjoyment of the festival.

We still have a few opportunities so if you want to be part of something amazing sign up to join the festival team. Register here.

We are holding a drop in briefing meeting for all registered volunteers. A chance to meet the organisers, pick up your volunteer t-shirt, learn how to pull a decent pint and ask any questions. It is optional, as it's not complicated work but if you can make it we would be very pleased to see you.

Volunteers Briefing

Grange Park

Tuesday April 25th

Drop in between 6.30pm and 8pm

Registered volunteers only please.

If you have registered as a volunteer but can no longer help, that's fine but please do tell us! Please drop a quick email to

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